Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year - New Blog

Well, kind of.

Sometimes I get an idea and I can't shake it.  A while ago I thought of how I want this blog to evolve.  Mike and I have talked about it, and something I could never get over was, what happens if we move?  We have no plans in the immediate future, but I couldn't get rid of the thought that it will no longer be "Our First Nest".  It's such a silly thing to worry about!  To be honest, I was also a little tired of the name.  I picked it years ago, and it no longer felt like us.  I wanted more freedom.  That's why I started a new blog.

It's not technically a new blog, since I've copied every post, and will continue writing about the same stuff I've always written about, but it finally feels right.  I came up with a couple names and thought them over until I found the perfect one.


The name works a couple ways.  Danks is our name and we're beekeepers.  Obviously, we're big do-it-yourself'ers, so it's nice to have one of our hobbies up there.  Also, before I was Mrs. Danks, there was Mike Danks and Mike's name is such a big part of who he is.  So, he's the Danks, and I'm the Honey.

I've spent the last few months tweaking everything over there for the big move and I think I'm ready.  It's also fitting that it's the start of a new year, and the start of our big kitchen renovation!  Instead of updating all of my lost photos over here, I've been working behind the scenes to track down every single photo and updated all my posts for a complete archive in the new space.  It's kind of like prepping for a physical move, but with a lot less paint splatter.

I'm hoping that everyone will make the move, and it's risky to think I can maintain my current readership, especially with sites like Pinterest which will link back here.  I'll continue coding behind the scenes and will eventually have each post forwarded to the corresponding post on the new blog, (very tedious, but the only way I can think to send Pinterest visitors to the correct blog post).

I'm so grateful for all of you guys who check out what we're up to and hope to see you over at Danks and Honey!    

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What the Heck Google?

I'm sure you've noticed that something is amiss over here.  I recently noticed that all my older photos look like this:

The only thing I can think of is that I was prompted to update to Google+, I did, didn't like it, converted back, and when they asked me am I really super sure that I want to go back even though they were going to delete everything associated with my Google+ account I was confident nothing would happen since I didn't do anything within the Google+ account.  I think it converted all my picasso pictures over to the + and then when I switched back, poof, they were all gone.

I tell myself that it's not my fault.

I really have no idea if I even have the old photos anymore.  I'm still working through all that.  So, use my tale as a cautionary one.  Don't go to the dark side unless you're sure you want to stay there.

I'm working behind the scenes on some major changes over here, on top of just getting it back to normal, ugh.  And, I owe you all a bunch of posts, including some wedding related stuff, a lot of small projects, a room reveal, and an update on a major room that we've recently started working on.  Let's say it's caused us to make a lot more microwave meals, and rhymes with Fitchen Femodel.

And, because I can't have that damn triangle be the only photo in this post, here's a sneak peak at what a typical evening looks like nowadays:

Thanks for sticking with us!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fauxdenza Bandwagon

Sorry for the hiatus, after the wedding we relaxed for oh, about an hour then spent the last few weeks finishing all the little projects that we've had outstanding here at the house, some that we're sitting around for months.  I constantly used the phrase, "after the wedding we can do it".  Well Mike was keeping track, and it was time to pay up.  We went so crazy doing them, that my motto was complete now, take pictures and write posts later.

One of the first projects we finished was the ever popular "fauxdenza".  Basically a floating credenza made from Ikea cabinets and topped with wood.  I saw it first over at House*Tweaking, which used Chris Loves Julia as an inspiration, who linked to Brick House, who referenced the original genious Door Sixteen!  You get the idea, I did not make this up, people way cooler than me did it first and it was the perfect solution to the ugly entry corner we had going on in the living room.

I bought the Ikea cabinets months before the wedding, and much to Mike's chagrin, they sat in their flat-packed glory in a pile in the dining room.  We finally got to it a couple weekends ago and hung them on the wall.  It really was that simple:  assemble cabinets, install suspension rail, hang cabinets, add soft-close hinges and knobs, add wood to top and sides.

I bought the 24" high cabinets and we hung it right about the vent.  It landed a little higher than the previous table, but it feels normal now.

For years, we felt lucky that the old console table Mike made for our townhouse fit this little piece of wall.

Except I never really felt like it was our style anymore, and while we had storage in the ottoman, it wasn't really useful for the things that we needed to put in there, (i.e. board games, cards, and wii components).  It's getting closer to what I want for this room.

Even though the actual steps for this piece were really simple, it wasn't without some headaches and officially our first big fight of our marriage.  Yes, I'd say most of our arguments are about building things, furniture and decor more than anything else!  I bought the 24" cabinet knowing that I wanted to cut a hole in the back to fit over the outlet to have all our charging electronics hidden away.  Our outlets tend to be really high due to the high baseboard trim so I didn't see the problem.  Fast forward to installation day and Mike refuses.  He says it's shoddy work and he would negatively judge someone who did that, and would therefore never do it himself.  To add insult to injury, I didn't really measure and the outlet was really half above the vent and half below, meaning that I would only get the top plug inside the cabinet.  Mike almost had a stroke.  This is an almost exact recollection of what was said:

Me: "No one will ever see it because the cabinet sits so low." 
Mike: "I'll know it's there.  I' won't be able to sleep at night knowing it's there"

Really, hunny? 

In the end we came to a sensible solution, he would do it the way I wanted and if he hated it, he'd rip it out and I'd have to live with wasting the money and the old table.  Obviously I'm writing this post so he was fine with it afterwards.  He even said, "It doesn't bother me as much as I thought".  And that folks is a win in my book!

He did ask me if I wanted any mitered edges for the top, and I said it was fine just to lay the top on the side pieces.  We used birch cabinet-grade plywood, birch veneer edging, Minwax Dark Walnut stain (2 coats), and some polyurethane, (3 coats).

The most technical we got was when Mike scrolled the back edge to match perfectly with the old wavy plaster walls.  Anyone with a house 85+ years old will appreciate this small feat.

Now that it's hung I'm working on finding the right artwork and some actual styling more than the bowl of random objects and antlers we've got going on now.

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